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Let’s have

a disruptive conversation

about death


We’re still searching.

In our work with serious illness, the big taboo is still death. Our policymaker friends speak of death as a topic that is ‘radioactive.’ Our patients see us, when we raise death, as giving up, extinguishing hope, promoting fear.

Right now, a new cultural moment.


Despite our frustration, we hear new voices emerging. Reporters who previously wrote of ‘pulling the plug’ have given way to people living with illness brave enough to speak publicly of the whole picture of death and life.

What’s emerging at our learning edge?

We’re finding new conversations—new ways of listening, speaking, sharing, and being present that tap into more of the real experiences that happen between people with illness and the doctors and nurses who serve them.

Join us.

In July 2013, we hosted the first circle at a retreat center committed to sustainability, on Bainbridge Island. The new conversation was deep, panoramic, and invigorating. By sharing these curated excerpts, we hope to inspire you to join the circle. Your wisdom will make our circle more expansive.

Explore with us

Sample our videos one bite at a time. The anchor words tell a story, starting with Dying. The thumbnails each capture a moment.

Insights we harvested

Add your insights, and read more here.

Inspired? Then act.

Try a small act of courage

The moment arrives: Do I keep pretending?

Or do I acknowledge death?


We suggest: a small act of courage.

Summon your compassion, wisdom, and presence.

You need courage, but you just need a little.

What would you do if you were 10% braver?

Make your small act of courage visible .

A circle for reflection

Reflection can be a social process.

Invite a group that is ready. Put them in a circle.


Ask them to bring their whole selves—not just their professional personas. Model curiosity. Speak without judgment. Use a talking stick to slow things down to a pace where the unexpected can emerge.


Get more details here.

 Close with a moment of gratitude.

Who are we?

Circles are forming and there is more to come

Join in

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